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Our comprehensive masterclass is a one stop shop to become a better "you". From personal fitness, to health and nutrition, our online program helps you define and reach your goals right at your own home. Get lifetime access to all old and new content.

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Working out is not enough. The way you exercise & recover determines and fine tunes your results.

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Get my personal support with training and education in the world of fitness and weigh loss. I am here to help.

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Nutrition is just as important as working out. I help you understand your food and supplements.

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I have a passion for training those who are ready to live a better life

It's not just about training, it's about making a difference in peoples lives, one person at a time. Health is more important than ever today.

Everything we consume is not the same as it was 10 years ago. Our foods are processed and genetically altered, our medicine is filled with preservatives, and our vitamins provide misinformation. More than ever it is important to be educated in both fitness and nutrition by people who have studied what works and is accurate. I have mastered my craft in education and training to bring a healthy lifestyle back to the public.

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The Loman Heath program has changed my life. So many resources to choose from and continue to learn from fitness and nutrition coaches from around the USA. Highly recommend the subscription.
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tristan van aken

Covid has made going to the gym and using a trainer very hard. Loman has created the perfect program to stay consistent with my workout routine from my home. So happy to get back on track.
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Samuel Bronson

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